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Websites for courses taught by EServer members, served using open-source courseware technologies.  Course websites may be available in the public domain, licensed using an open access agreement, or locked for the exclusive use of the students enrolled in the course (at the discretion of the instructor).

If you are an EServer member or editor, please feel free to request a course website for a class you're planning to teach.

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    This graduate seminar will study theoretical constructs and issues that inform workplace professional communication. Inherently a multi-disciplinary activity, professional communication draws on theories from fields as different as the rhetoric of science, psychology, philosophy, sociology, cultural studies and linguistics. This term we will focus specifically on rhetoric, on the relationships between author, text and reader, and on philosophies of language as they apply to workplace communicative practice. The purpose of this seminar is to explore relevant theories in sufficient depth and detail to do justice to their complexity, and, at the same time to examine their applicability to professional communication. Students will be expected to comprehend and challenge these theories on their own terms as well as to understand their value.

    Strategies for developing and delivering multimodal content via digital media. Focus on the principles on database design, interface development, usability testing, and collaborative content management within technical communication settings. Projects include training modules, online documentation, dynamic interfaces, and document management systems.

    This is an experimental space to test the development of new online collaborative writing tools.

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